Cautious candidates cause College and Court cancellations

empty scout hall in epsom

The three willing Residents Association candidates for College Ward were disappointed that the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and Labour Candidates did not register to participate in last night’s scheduled local election hustings. The Epsom and Ewell Times pulled the plug on the event in the afternoon as we did not think it appropriate to stage a one-party event. Cllr Nigel Collin (RA College Ward) and his colleagues Charlotte Day and Kate Brooks had willingly registered after the first invitation to do so.

Top image – an empty 3rd Scout Hall St John Chandlers, Church Road, Epsom

Similarly, for Court Ward, only Robert Geleit of the Labour Party registered to face the public and debate with his opponents from the Liberal Democrats, Residents Association and Conservatives, but they did not show willing and we pulled the plug to avoid a one-man one-party show.

The willing candidates:

Charlotte Mary Day – Residents’ Associations of Epsom and Ewell for College.

I aim to create a sustainable future and if elected, I will focus on sustainable development as well as protecting the countryside and our green spaces.

Kate Emily Brooks – Residents’ Associations of Epsom and Ewell for College.

I am committed to protecting our area and my 10 month old daughter has made me want to make Epsom and Ewell the best place to enable families to thrive.I will press SCC to improve maintenance of our roads and pavements.

Nigel Collin – Residents’ Associations of Epsom and Ewell for College.

My aim is to continue to improve the Community and to help resolve residents problems. If elected , I will continue to scrutinize Council Expenditure to ensure value for money and to fight for a cessation of the statutory nuisance caused by operations in the chalk pit.

Cllr Collin was keen to use the opportunity to rebut LibDem claims: On the Local Plan Cllr Collin points out the LibDems voted for the Draft Local Plan, the Government forces EEBC to use Green Belt, Council meetings are only held in private to protect 3rd party privacy and potholes are Surrey’s responsibility and we will press them hard.

 Rob Geleit – Labour Party for Court.

I am standing to stick up for my friends and neighbours in Court Ward. We go out door knocking every weekend and get round the area once a year. Every time we are out we pick up two or three problems to fix, so over the course of an electoral term we really lift the area.
No other Party will do this for you.
We are a strong opposition to the ruling Residents’ Association Party. I have heard one of them say that we are their ‘conscience’.
Vote Labour!

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