What is Climate Change and what can I do about it?

John Mackintosh, will be talking to us to explain the science and much more, and
will also answer questions. He is the Environment Manager at Mole Valley
District Council, and Environmental Consultant at GreenGoals. John is an expert
in his field, so his talk should prove to be very informative. GreenGoals help
companies and local government to make decisions on how to reduce emissions.
Climate change is affecting the whole world. Unusual weather is causing floods, extreme
temperatures, droughts along with natural disasters that may or may not be a direct
result of climate change.
Thousands of people are already dying.

Thousands more are having their homes and belongings destroyed.
The world is changing and some feel that it is already too late to do anything but to do
nothing is not an option!
Our future generations depend on us doing the right thing NOW!
But what is the right thing?
The problem is an international problem and governments must find the answer?
Can I really make a difference?
What can I do?

Come and find answers to your questions with Eco-friends in Epsom.