Neutrality Council for Epsom and Ewell Times

Members of Epsom and Ewell Times Neutrality Council

In a groundbreaking move towards transparency and community involvement, The Epsom and Ewell Times is proud to announce the establishment of a Neutrality Council. This council, comprising representatives from the major political parties and the Residents Associations, will play a pivotal role in completing an annual appraisal of the neutrality and quality of the Epsom and Ewell Times.

Annual Appraisals for Transparency

The purpose of the Neutrality Council is clear: to provide a representative from each major political party and the RA for the annual appraisal of our newspaper’s neutrality and quality. These comprehensive appraisals will be published to ensure transparency and community engagement.

Flexible Representation

Each political party has the flexibility to change its representative, allowing for dynamic assessments that capture a range of perspectives. The form of the appraisal, including a section for free-form comments, will be provided to facilitate a thorough and unbiased evaluation.

The inaugural representatives are:

Cllr Robert Leach (RA Nonsuch)

Emma Ware (Conservative)

Cllr Alison Kelly (LibDem Stamford)

Mark Todd (Labour)

Clockwise top left: Leach, Ware, Kelly, Todd

An Independent Process

The Neutrality Council operates independently of The Epsom and Ewell Times, highlighting our commitment to objective reporting. Council members will be approached individually for the first annual appraisal in or about November 2024.  If they wish to members may collaborate in joint submissions.

Community Trust and Confidence

This innovative institution aims to be a significant contributor to maintaining high standards and bolstering community confidence. By involving representatives from various political backgrounds, we ensure a diversity of perspectives that align with our commitment to being “for the community, by the community.”

A Step Towards Transparency and Involvement

In an era where local news services are evolving, we strive to maintain a high standard of informative and readable content for our local residents. By submitting to this annual appraisal process, we not only enhance transparency but also actively involve the community in shaping the future of The Epsom and Ewell Times. Your feedback matters, and we believe this initiative will strengthen our bond with the community we proudly serve. Stay tuned for the first annual appraisals from our esteemed Neutrality Council members!