New Ward of Horton proposed for Borough

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council met online July 19th and considered the proposed submission regarding changes to Wards of the Borough. The Boundary Commission  confirmed the forecasted electorate figures for 2027. The forecasted electorate in the Borough is shown to be 64,889. On the basis of these figures, based on 35 Members the ratio for electorate to Member in 2027 is estimated to be 1: 1853.9. For the purposes of calculation for equality of Ward representation, the Council has worked to the 2027 figures at a ratio of 1:1854. It is important to note that the Electoral Review changes will take effect from 2023, which is before the next local Borough elections

The roads, railway lines, open spaces and rivers, criss cross the Borough. These features have helped to shape the Wards which currently exist. For this reason, there are key challenges to building a Warding Map which is distinctly different from what currently exists. The development of the Hospital Cluster since the last review, identified a clear need for the creation of a new Ward which encompassed the settlement. The creation of this new Ward directly helps to address the electoral variances which had grown over time. The mapping of the Borough in terms of Warding, focused on the natural and built divisions which have themselves, created distinct communities. In turn these communities have built their own local support infrastructure and arrangements. Although the advice on an Electoral Review is to start with a blank map, it is also to note the nature of the environment and the settled communities which exist.

The proposals being put forward for submission include:

The creation of a new Ward of Horton which would address electoral variances within key existing Wards;

To redistribute the electoral variances and addressing anomalies in Ward boundaries which have developed over time.

The table below sets out the comparison between the current arrangements alongside with recommended to Council for approval.