One way to learn collective nouns

Frances with and left to right: Oz, Billie, Mya and Jacob.

Last Monday, 7th August, Epsom Library invited Frances Cohen to come and read some of the poems from her recently published book: “A Prickle of Porcupines – Really!!

The added attraction was that the poems had been illustrated by five of her 7 grandchildren, three of whom go to local schools in Epsom. Wallace Field Juniors, and Rosebery.

Frances is a 74 year old widow, and during the many COVID lockdowns she decided to use her talent for writing poems and using the different, and sometimes very amusing “collective nouns” she had discovered for animals and birds, which she had taught to her grandchildren over the years.

The poems are educational, including some interesting facts about each animal or bird, and really can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and adults alike.

Jellyfish have been around for millions of years,
They are 95% water, and have no brains, bones, or ears,
Even though they have long tentacles, they are not very smart,
They also have no eyes, and not even a heart.
150 million people get stung by them every year,
So they are not very popular when, near your beach, they appear.
So if you see them coming, you better draw back,
And if there are lots of them together, it is called a SMACK

The book is available on Amazon, and some Waterstones Shops

Image: Frances with and left to right: Oz, Billie, Mya and Jacob.