Reform candidate for Epsom and Ewell

Mayuran Senthilnathan

Epsom and Ewell Times is publishing the appeals of the Parliamentary Candidates standing in the General Election for the constituency of Epsom and Ewell. This is the first from Reform candidate Mayuran Senthilnathan.

An overwhelming Labour majority is set to be announced on July 4th. If Sunak’s promises of
a quadruple lock on pensions and more tax cuts sound enticing, rest assured none of us will
be experiencing them. As I write this, average polling suggests Reform UK is neck and neck
with the Conservatives, with Reform about to overtake any day now. The pressing question
is not who we want in power, but rather who is going to be an effective opposition?

While Reform UK’s success can be largely attributed to the ‘Farage effect’ it is rooted in the
abject failure of the Tories. When my parents came to this country from Sri Lanka in the early
1980s, net immigration was in the tens of thousands. They invested heavily in my education
which led to me study dentistry at King’s College. I went on to get my own practice, working
within the NHS for almost twenty years. No doubt my success is due to the hard work of my
parents, but it was also due to the systems which were in place in this great country. I am a
product of the British dream. A dream which I believe no longer exists for the people of this
country. In short nothing works anymore.

From police turning a blind eye to petty crime, to record waiting lists on the NHS. From the
highest tax burden since the 1940s, to soaring rents and house prices, Britain is definitively
broken. This is without addressing the elephant in the room which all other parties refuse to
properly acknowledge.

Net immigration by December 2022 was three quarters of a million, 2023 saw a figure of
685,000 (likely to be revised up). We are effectively importing a city larger than Manchester
every year, all under successive Conservative governments which promised to slash
numbers to the tens of thousands. People are now starting to draw a link between the strain
on public services, roads, schools, GPs, hospitals and the amount of people in this country.
Yes, birth rates are falling, everybody understands workers are needed in the NHS and
social care as well as other sectors, but these numbers are simply breathtaking. While GDP
figures go up as a whole, GDP per capita is declining. In other words the economy is
growing but we are getting poorer. Within the British psyche is the deeper issue of culture.
George Galloway has aptly highlighted obvious sectarian divides, by successively
campaigning exclusively on the Gaza conflict. There is a growing sense that we no longer
live in a cohesive society. This is hardly surprising. The influx of this many people in such a
short time makes the prospect of integration an impossibility. It is well worth noting – it takes
centuries to build a culture but it takes just a couple of decades to destroy it.

In addition under the management of both Labour and Tories we have increasingly seen the
ideological capture of politics. Nowhere is this best illustrated than in the pursuit of net zero
carbon emissions. While China churns out two new coal power stations per week and pumps
out nearly 30% of the world’s emissions, the UK is responsible for just 1%. Which means
even if the UK reaches its net zero target, it would have almost no impact on the planet. In
the pursuit of this ideological goal we are forcing the nation to pay more for its energy.
Renewables are unreliable which is why fossil fuelled energy is imported to meet our
country’s needs. Industries which would have flourished on our shores have been forced
abroad. But absurdly we end up buying back the products they make at higher prices- all so
our government can wear the net zero badge of honour.

All this and I still have not mentioned the ‘boats’.

What is the Answer?

Reform UK’s manifesto sounds revolutionary but is actually a set of sane policies amidst an
insane political landscape.

The national debt is eye-watering (£2.7 trillion). To raise funds we would action things like
stopping the Bank of England paying voluntary interest payments on quantitative easing
reserves (£35 billion), scrap net zero subsidies (£30 billion), cut government waste and
quangos (£50 billion) and introduce the employer’s immigration tax (£4 billion). This would
allow us to raise the tax threshold to £20,000, making work pay. It would also grant space to
further cut corporation tax and VAT. The approach would permit the implementation of a
French-style health service that slashes waiting times and delivers better outcomes for all.
A net-zero immigration model would be introduced that weans the economy off the addiction
to cheap unskilled labour from abroad, to a high-skilled, high wage work force. This would
bring the numbers down to an acceptable level tailored to the needs of the country. Finally
we have a targeted six point plan to stop the boats which includes leaving the ECHR.

Once again we can become a serious country.

If you agree with the case, a vote for the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats is a wasted
one. Let me explain. Labour have won, which will leave a decimated Tory party. Once Nigel
Farage gets a seat into Parliament, he will naturally become the voice against Labour. The
country is behind him and the party (just see what he has achieved in a week). The more
Reform UK seats we win or indeed the more we rise in the polls, the quicker centre-right
politics will realign. Over the next parliament, more and more of the remaining Conservative
MPs will be compelled to defect to Reform UK. By 2029 our party will be the opposition
ready to govern the nation. This is the 6-year master plan.

This is how we break the Tory-Labour deadlock. This is how we rally against a failed
establishment. This is how we can get our country back. Join the people’s revolt.

Vote Reform UK.

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