30th June 2022

River “Bogsmill” blights Borough


River “Bogsmill” blights Borough

The River Hogsmill and the Green Lanes Stream are becoming no go areas for dogs and humans. Residents are calling for private utility company Thames Water to act on sewage … READ MORE

Blooming Ewell


Blooming Ewell

Ewell Village has entered Britain in Bloom – a national competition which seeks to use flowers and greenery to transform communities. Judges will visit the village on the morning of … READ MORE

Council Meetings in the Dark?


Council Meetings in the Dark?

Monday 4th July 2022 Epsom and Ewell Borough Council will deliberate in secret on the recruitment of a new Chief Executive. This follows the sudden departure earlier this month of … READ MORE

UK’s 2022 Top Jazz Award nominees to play in Epsom


UK’s 2022 Top Jazz Award nominees to play in Epsom

Jo Harrop is one of 4 nominees for the prestigious annual Parliamentary jazz award for vocalist of the year 2022. Epsom’s own Nigel Price, the UK’s foremost guitarist and founder … READ MORE

Recognise this alleged burglar?


Recognise this alleged burglar?

Surrey Police are appealing for help to identify this man, who they believe may be able to help with their investigation into a residential burglary in Epsom on Sunday, 26 … READ MORE

How Epsom and Ewell Times improves the community….


How Epsom and Ewell Times improves the community….

Some key findings of the Public Interest News Foundation include: Most independent news publishers cover a broad range of news topics within a tightly defined local place. The smaller the … READ MORE

Epsom Choral works 100 years


Epsom Choral works 100 years

Epsom Choral Society (ECS), which is celebrating its Centenary this year, put on a spirited performance at its “Songs from the Shows” concert on Saturday 25th June at St Andrews … READ MORE

West Ewell by-election, our Q&As and your hustings


West Ewell by-election, our Q&As and your hustings

On Thursday 7th July 2022 voters in the Epsom and Ewell Borough Council Ward of West Ewell have the opportunity to vote for the candidate who will take the seat … READ MORE

River “Bogsmill” blights Borough

The River Hogsmill and the Green Lanes Stream are becoming no go areas for dogs and humans. Residents are calling for private utility company Thames Water to act on sewage polluted water courses in the heart of the Borough of Epsom and Ewell. Local activist Mark Todd states: “Thames Water should not be using the Green Lanes Stream and the Hogsmill River in Epsom & Ewell and Kingston Boroughs, as open sewers. The Hogsmill is one of only 200 chalk streams in the world and used to be teeming with wildlife, yet it is now so polluted barely any fish live in it.”

“The rivers are delicate streams and cannot accommodate sewage overflows. The pollution affects Epsom, Ewell, Tolworth, Surbiton and Kingston. It then enters the Thames affecting London and the Thames Estuary. The sewage is killing the rivers: destroying wildlife, poisoning animals, and makes it unsafe for kids or animals to play in them. Some local residents who live by the river say it now stinks. In 2021, the South East Rivers Trust calculated that a total of 159 hours of sewage went into the rivers across 47 incidents. That is one incident per week. The causes of the discharges are faulty sensors by Green Lanes Stream; insufficiently large sewage tanks at Manor Rd, Ewell; and comms failures at the outdated Hogsmill A Waste-water Works in Kingston.”

Mark has established a petition to put more pressure on Thames Water to stop the issues at source by investing some of its profits in upgrading the sewage infrastructure in the area. See Petition HERE

In response to Epsom and Ewell Times, a Thames Water spokesperson said: “Our aim will always be to try and do the right thing for our rivers and for the communities who love and value them. We regard all discharges of untreated sewage as unacceptable and will work with the government, Ofwat and the Environment Agency to accelerate work to stop them being necessary and are determined to be transparent. We recently launched our river health commitments which includes a 50% reduction in the total annual duration of spills across London and the Thames Valley by 2030, and within that an 80% reduction in sensitive catchments.

“In addition, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which is the third phase of a comprehensive environmental improvement programme of the tidal Thames for our customers and river users, is due for completion in 2024. The tunnel is a total investment of more than £4 billion that will deliver a huge reduction in the discharges to the tidal River Thames in London, and further improve overall health of the river.

“We have a long way to go – and we certainly can’t do it on our own – but the ambition is clear.”

Council Meetings in the Dark?

Monday 4th July 2022 Epsom and Ewell Borough Council will deliberate in secret on the recruitment of a new Chief Executive. This follows the sudden departure earlier this month of Kathryn Beldon from the top local government post, reported by Epsom and Ewell Times.

Firstly, the powerful Strategy and Resources Committee will meet, followed by the full Council. Both will vote on a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meetings. The resolutions infer that it would not be in the public interest for the public to know information “relating to an individual” or “relating to the finances” (of the Council).

Epsom and Ewell Times assume that press and public will be excluded from the debates on the resolutions to exclude them!


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West Ewell By-election candidates’ answers

Epsom and Ewell Times asked each candidate a series of questions. Here are their answers.

Epsom and Ewell Times – Tell us a little about yourself. The non-political?

Alan Williamson – I am a 58 year old married man with a grown-up son. Since graduating from university I have worked in the financial services industry. For the past three years I have a committee member of West Ewell & Ruxley Residents’ Association. I made it known that I was interested in standing for the borough council. Outside work I follow football and rugby, love reading, walking and cycling and spending time with my wife Lucia.

Marian Morrison – I’ve lived in the borough for over four decades and my son attended local schools. My working life has been spend in the public sector, both NHS and local government so I have a fair understanding of health and council matters. My professional roles range from quality and complaints to council committee work. I’m recently retired and went back to being a student at Nescot which was a great thing to do. I regularly attend a local church Ewell.

Mark Todd – I’m a local dad and businessman, and I’ve lived in the area for over 12 years. I’m part of the Epsom & Ewell Tree Advisory Board that protects and preserves local trees and Treasurer of the Epsom Wells Community Association that is saving and renewing a local community centre. For work, I co-founded a large internet business in which I played a leading role for many years. I’m currently starting a new business.

Kieran Persand I was born and raised in Epsom and Ewell, attending local schools. My background is law but I’m very passionate about education, the environment and mental health. Any spare time I get, I love playing sp

How long have you lived in the Borough?

Alan Williamson 11 years

Marian Morrison 46 years

Mark Todd -12 years

Kieran Persand – All my life – 24 years.

Do you live in the West Ewell Ward?

Alan Williamson – Yes

Marian Morrison – No but I do live nearby in West Ewell.

Mark Todd – I live close by in Epsom – I know the ward very well

Kieran Persand – No

Why are you standing?

Alan Williamson – I am a firm believer in local decisions being made by local people without the constraints of national party politics. Epsom & Ewell is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods, with one of the best run councils in the whole country. By electing me as a Residents’ Association councillor we can keep it that way.

Marian Morrison – I stood in the West Ewell ward in 2011 and received 500 votes and wish to stand again. It’s important for voters to have a choice of candidates and I believe council decision making is more effective when there is a good opposition.

Mark Todd – To give a voice to local residents who have been ignored for too long. To demand improvements to the roads and pavements and to help fix the awful problems of raw sewage going into the local Hogsmill river. Having a Labour councillor as well as the two RA councillors would give W Ewell a stronger voice.

Kieran Persand – There are issues that are constantly being overlooked such as housing/developments, the green belt and crime. It is crucial that the Council has a strong opposition to push things forward. It’s been shown what a conservative councillor can do locally, seen with the work Cllr Muir did to help keep the Wells Centre open.

Which Council Committees would you like to serve and why?

Alan Williamson – My primary interest would be in the Strategy & Resources Committee. I see this as underpinning the whole scope of council activity and requires the best-qualified candidates. My background in economics, financial services and committee work equips me ideally for this. I could also have interest in Community and Wellbeing.

Marian Morrison – Having worked in Surrey for the NHS and a nearby London Borough I’m familiar with aspects of health services, and planning and would be most interested in Planning, Community and Well-being, Health Liaison and Environment and Safer Communities committees.

Mark Todd – Community and Well-being – to help create a healthier, happier community. Environment and Safe Communities – our green spaces and trees need protecting to stop West Ewell becoming a concrete jungle.

Kieran Persand – Licensing and Planning Policy Committee – the lack of a Local Plan is hindering the development of the Borough massively. The local conservative group have formulated a plan which is well thought out and one which will improve the Borough.

Strategy and Resources Committee.

What do you think of the decision to spend £225,000 on the Epsom Town Centre Masterplan? 

Alan Williamson – I welcome the availability and deployment of funds for this purpose. If Epsom town centre is to retain its vitality and attractive ambience it must use best practice to consider the way forward using strategic tools and resources. Expenditure such as this is warranted under the circumstances.

Marian Morrison – Epsom and Ewell needs to work together with residents to identify ways in which we can provide for future needs and at the same time ensure Epsom is a vibrant place for people to live, work and visit. Whilst this is a significant cost, good, sound planning for the needs for the next decades is vital for a good future.

Mark Todd – I think it’s a lot of money and my understanding is more is actually being spent on it £350,000+. We do need a good plan to create a better, greener town centre fit for the future and I fully support this. I hope that the money will be well spent and I’d be keen to be involved in its management.

Kieran Persand – I think a masterplan to guide development in the Town Centre is needed but £225,000 is an awfully huge amount of money to be spending at this moment in time. I hope that it is not mismanaged and that something positive comes out of it.

Do you think the ULEZ should be expanded to or nearer West Ewell’s borders?

Alan Williamson – I do not feel that at this point there is widespread public support for extending the ULEZ to West Ewell’s borders. Whilst this decision is not solely ours I think residents should make their feelings known on this. I would be personally oppose such a development at this stage.

Marian Morrison – Whilst I’m supportive of reducing emissions, due to the proximity of the Chessington Spur being so close to West Ewell many residents will be impacted with charges incurred by short cross boundary car journeys. In my view the main driver for change is to provide income to support the massive costs of Transport for London

Mark Todd – As a local councillor here we would have no influence on the decision. No one wants to pay more tax; however we do also need to get old vehicles off the road that create dangerous toxic fumes. Fumes that poison our lungs and, according to one charity, kill 25 times more people per year than car crashes.

Kieran Persand – No – many families and local businesses would suffer, especially with the increase in the cost of living. The expansion would be too burdensome. The roll out would also be very costly with the increase in spending on cameras and the enforcement infrastructure that would be needed. That money could be spent on better things which would help tackle air pollution.

One question beyond the Borough. Do you support the policy of sending refugees to Rwanda?

Alan Williamson – No. More suitable policies must be found.

Marian Morrison – No. This approach won’t stop desperate people.

Mark Todd – No

Kieran Persand – No.

Anything else you would like to say?

Alan Williamson – Having attended school in the borough I feel an affinity with the area that has motivated me to seek election. I have been active in organising a Neighbourhood Watch in my street (Revere Way), and I have coordinated a formal petition to the management company for the estate concerning their service provision.

Marian Morrison – Liberal Democrats have a good track record in local government as demonstrated by two neighbouring boroughs, Sutton and Kingston, both close to West Ewell. People of West Ewell think carefully and consider voting for change.

Mark Todd – The local Labour Party in West Ewell has 30 members and in voting for me you’re not just voting for Mark Todd but for the local Labour team to have influence and help the local area. If elected, we will not let you down and I will work with the Residents’ Association councillors to create a better West Ewell.

Kieran Persand – None.

West Ewell by-election, our Q&As and your hustings

On Thursday 7th July 2022 voters in the Epsom and Ewell Borough Council Ward of West Ewell have the opportunity to vote for the candidate who will take the seat held for many years by the late Cllr Clive Smitheram of the Residents’ Association.

The candidates are Marion Morrison (Liberal Democrat), Kieran Persand (Conservative Party), Mark Todd (Labour Party) and Alan Williamson (Residents’ Association).

Q and As You can read the candidates’ answers to Epsom and Ewell Times’ questions HERE


Epsom and Ewell Times is holding an election hustings that three of the four candidates will attend. Alan Williamson (Residents Association), who works in the financial services sector, has advised that he is working that evening and cannot attend. The hustings will start at 7 pm on Monday 4th July at All Saints Church, 7 Church Rd, West Ewell, Ewell, Epsom KT19 9QY and will last one hour.

Attendance in person is encouraged but you may participate online if you register in advance HERE

Another £1/4 m to plan planning



A meeting of Epsom and Ewell Borough Council’s Licensing and Planning Policy Committee on 21 June 2022 was presented with a shortfall of £255,000 in funding the delivery of the Local Plan.
The shortfall was discovered following a full review of the Local Plan progress and supporting
evidence base that was undertaken by the Head of Place Development earlier this year “to
understand the implications of changes in legislation and local context post Covid.”
These additional funds would be required to cover the Planning Inspectorate’s public examination of
the Plan, including their fees.
The total amount of money so far allocated to the Local Plan process was unclear. When Cllr Julie
Morris (Lib Dem, College ward) said that she had totted up the cost to be at least £1.3 million, the
Head of Place Development agreed to investigate and report back on the full official figure.
Cllr Peter Webb (Res Ass, Auriol ward) asked whether officers could assure the committee that no
further fund increases would be required. The Head of Place Development confirmed that she was
sure the latest requirement would be sufficient to cover the standard process as long as the Council
kept to the agreed scope and timetable but that there was still uncertainty about unknown variables
such as the level of response to the public consultation.
The committee was warned that the new Levelling Up & Regeneration Bill announced in the
recent Queen’s Speech could include some significant changes to the way local plans are
produced and may involve some additional duties.
As the Local Plan is a mandatory document, the Council has no alternative but to find the
necessary funding for it.
The committee meeting started at 7:30 pm and closed at 7:48 pm.

See Epsom and Ewell Times’ earlier report on The Local Plan of 7th June and the report on the £225,000 costs of the Town Centre Masterplan of 13th June 2022

Witness appeal following burglary in Ewell

Surrey Police are appealing for witnesses following a burglary in Ewell on Wednesday, 8 June.

Officers were called to a residential address on Cheam Road near to the junction with the A24 following reports of a burglary. It is believed the suspect entered the property at some point between 8.10am and 5.30pm. The suspect conducted an untidy search before leaving with two high-value watches, a Breitling Chronospace Military and Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

PC James Wheatland said: “If you were in the area at this time and saw anything suspicious, or have dashcam footage, please get in touch. We are doing everything we can to reunite the victim with their watches and we’re releasing images of the watches in the hope this might further our investigation. The watches have sentimental value to the victim and we’re asking the public if they recognise the watches, or have any information about where they might be found, to contact us.”

If you have any information which may assist with our investigation, please contact Surrey Police quoting PR/ 45220060913 via:

If you do not wish to leave your name, you may call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Epsom Rotary in Motion

Epsom Rotary will be holding a stall at the Epsom Marketplace on Saturday, 02 July 2022
and welcome anyone to come and visit to learn more about Epsom Rotary and ways that
they could get involved.
Each year The Rotary Club of Epsom is involved in a range of local community events. The
club organises the annual Epsom and Ewell Borough Family Fun Day with the Rotary Club of
Ewell. There are gardening sessions at Old Moat Garden Centre and they have created and
now maintain the Community Allotment together with Ewell Rotary. The club also runs the
local Young Musician, Young Photographer, Young Chef and French Speaking competitions
annually. They helped marshal the Cancer Research UK Race for Life event at
Epsom Downs Racecourse this year and of course, there are the annual Christmas
collections around Epsom.

Supporting community events

The club has a varied social calendar with recent events including sporting event and nights
out at local restaurants, as well as the regular meetings. Being part of a large, international
organisation they also have the opportunity to compete against other local Rotary clubs in
the district sports competitions.

Allot a lot more allotments say Rotarians as they tend this one.

This year they are fundraising for local charities and charity events have included The Epsom
and Ewell Showcase and quiz nights and of course much more.
They always welcome new members to increase their good community work.

Who let the dogs big day out?

Cuddington Residents Association did. That’s who. On June 18th Saturday’s “BIG DAY OUT” in Shadbolt Park, Worcester Park in the north-east end of the Borough of Epsom and Ewell, a thriving community came out in their hundreds, with their dogs, to enjoy a wide range of “external activities”. Duck dogs, sorry shepherd dogs, duckflocked ducks, while Cllr Eber Kington “dogpacked” (?) the dogs in the many classes show. Dance groups of all ages danced in the performance area. The people enjoyed a wide range of charity, community and craft stalls from the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Surrey Stands With Ukraine, honey makers (“apiarists” to you and me) and many more. Watch out for the Big Day Out next year. All photos courtesy of Richard Johnson who promotes Worcester Park via his Facebook