Fire engine in Epsom's market square

Fire Assembly for Ukraine


Saturday 10th March a Bronto Fire Engine came to Epsom’s Market Square outside the Assembly Rooms. A crowd gathered to admire the magnificent machine and wish it well on its journey to a city near the front-line of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Roy Deadman of the charity Surrey Stands With Ukraine explained: “Some population centres in Ukraine are so close to the Russian artillery that the missiles can strike before the sirens sound. This fire engine with its long-ladder can rescue lives trapped in apartment blocks.”

Another volunteer with the charity Nick Budd said “There has been a tremendous effort to raise the money to purchase this vehicle and the public have been very generous. Our partners in Ukraine are very grateful to be receiving this vital equipment.”

The Mayor of Epsom and Ewell Robert Geleit (Labour, Court Ward) was in attendance, confirming a moment of pride for Epsom and Ewell as the headquarters for the humanitarian efforts of SSWU.

Charity director Lionel Blackman said: “Post Brexit there remain various bureaucratic obstacles to the engine’s transportation across Europe to the Polish border, where our Ukrainian partners will collect and take through their country to where it is most needed; but we will overcome and we expect it to be in place in a few weeks from now.”

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