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Epsom & Ewell local election results


All the results are in and the Residents’ Associations, as expected, retain control of the Borough Council. The Liberal Democrats gained two seats by winning all three seats in College Ward. With the retirement of LibDem David Gulland the Party’s group leader Julie Morris is joined by new LibDem Councillors James Lawrence and Julian Freeman. The third slot gained at the expense of the sitting Councillor Nigel Collin of the RA. The other LibDem gain was top of the poll in Stamford, Alison Kelly.

Bernie Muir of the Conservatives had represented Stamford Ward but chanced her arm in the newly created ward of Horton and topped the poll. She and her Conservative colleague Kieran Persand beat long-serving and senior RA Councillor and former Mayor Eber Kington and new RA arrival Henal Ladwa.

Mr Kington had surrendered a safe seat in Ewell Court Ward to contest the new Horton Ward, where he lives. This defeat was despite Mr Kington recently leading a popular motion to pause the progress of the Draft Local Plan, to see what the Government is up to exactly with central housing targets.

The Residents’ Associations won 26 seats. Liberal Democrats 4. Labour 3 and Conservatives 2.

However, the share of the total Borough vote shows the Conservatives (20%) having a greater share than the Liberal Democrats (17%) and Labour (15%). The Greens, who fought a few wards, failed to cross the line and have no Councillors.

The turnout of 19867 votes compares favourably with the 2019 turnout of 19051 and perhaps shows that fears of a downturn in turnout because of the new requirement for photo ID being presented at polling stations has not been made out.

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