Inclusive sportsmanship in Worcester Park


The annual Linden Bridge Football Festival kicked off with a vibrant display of teamwork, camaraderie, and sheer determination. Organized by Linden Bridge School, Worcester Park, and led by enthusiastic pupils, this event brought together 15 special educational needs (SEN) schools and over 100 pupils for a day of spirited competition.

The festival, held at Wandgas Sports Ground, exemplified the inclusive spirit that Linden Bridge
School stands for. Students of all abilities participated in various football matches, showcasing their
skills and passion for the beautiful game. From footgolf to mini-tournaments, the atmosphere was
electric as players cheered each other on.

One of the festival’s highlights was the unwavering support from local businesses. MetroRod, a
leading drainage and plumbing company, stepped up as the main sponsor. Their generous
contribution ensured that every participant received a commemorative medal, a symbol of their
hard work and dedication. In addition, MetroRod provided trophies for all participating schools,
recognizing outstanding performances and sportsmanship.

Coach Dom, from KEY Sports Academy, played a pivotal role in making the festival a success. His
expertise in organizing sports events and passion for nurturing young talent shone through. Coach
Dom lent equipment and offered valuable coaching tips. His commitment to empowering young
athletes was evident as he encouraged fair play and teamwork.

“The Linden Bridge Football Festival is more than just a tournament,” Coach Dom shared. “It’s about
fostering a love for sports, building confidence, and creating lasting memories. These students
inspire us all with their determination and resilience.”

The Surrey Special Schools Sports Association (SSSSA) includes the Linden Bridge Football Festival as
a key event in its annual calendar. Linden Bridge School takes immense pride in being an active
member of the association. This year alone, Linden Bridge pupils have participated in 25 SSSSA-
organized events across various sports disciplines.

“Our students thrive when given the opportunity to compete,” said Mr. Borja Vidal, PE Lead at
Linden Bridge School. “The festival allows them to showcase their abilities, make friends, and
celebrate their achievements. We’re grateful to everyone who made this day possible.”

The Linden Bridge Football Festival reminded us that sports transcend barriers, bringing people
together in the spirit of unity and joy.

With the success of this year’s festival, Linden Bridge School is already planning for next year. The
goal remains the same: to create an inclusive platform where every student can shine, regardless of
their abilities. As the festival becomes a cherished tradition, it reinforces the belief that sports have
the power to transform lives.

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