Forest fires, blanched coral and drought

Local action to tackle global climate crisis


According to the Eco-Friends of Epsom we are in an era marked by the increasingly pressing issue of climate change. The urgency of understanding its scientific underpinnings and potential solutions cannot be overstated.

Join The Eco-Friends of Epsom for a discussion with John Mackintosh, local expert in environmental matters, who serves as the Environment Manager at Mole Valley District Council and an Environmental Consultant at GreenGoals.

On Wednesday 27th September at 7.30 in the Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom a meeting open to the public will take place. The event is not just about delivering information—it’s about fostering a deeper understanding. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with John, probing him with questions to better grasp the challenges and solutions.

Neil Dallen, who is a local RA councillor and active in Eco-Friends said: “Climate change knows no boundaries, and its impact is being felt across the globe. Unusual weather patterns have led to a surge in natural disasters, including floods, extreme temperatures, and debilitating droughts. While the causal link between specific events and climate change can be debated, the stark reality is that thousands of lives have already been lost, and countless more have seen their homes and possessions reduced to rubble.

“The evolving landscape of our planet demands immediate attention. While some may harbour doubts about whether it’s too late to reverse the course, one thing is unequivocal: doing nothing is not an option. Our actions, or lack thereof, will profoundly influence the lives of future generations.”

“The question that looms large is, “What is the right course of action?” This quandary is not one that any individual or nation can resolve in isolation. Climate change is an international predicament, and governments worldwide must come together to find viable solutions.

“You might be wondering, “Can I, as an individual, truly make a difference?” The answer is a resounding yes. Change begins at the grassroots level, and each of us can play a part in mitigating the impacts of climate change. By coming together as a community and sharing knowledge, we can embark on a journey towards a sustainable future.”

Mr Dallen added: “Join us for an enlightening evening with Eco-friends in Epsom, where we’ll explore answers to these pressing questions and more. Together, we can take the first steps towards a better-informed, more sustainable future for our planet and generations to come.”

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Images: Bobcat Fire, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains,(Eddiem360) Bleached colony of Acropora coral_Andaman islands (Vardhanjp) CC BY-SA 4.0. California Drought Dry Lakebed Public Domain.

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