Film festival opening with Chris Hastings

Picture the opening…..


The 4th Satisfied Eye International Film Festival (26th to 28th May) has opened its doors in Bourne Hall Ewell.

There was a sense of anticipation in the air as people gathered to celebrate and enjoy the best of what cinema has to offer, and there was a feeling of camaraderie among the festival-goers.

One of the visitors who were at previous festivals shared with us that he returned as he wanted to see more different films, styles and types. The festival started with the people’s choice selection. Two films from France, “A Travers”, a very touching story about a couple who needs to terminate the pregnancy in the seventh month and “The Censor or Dreams”. “An Irish Goodbye”, this year’s Oscar winner, tells us a story about two brothers who reunite after their mother’s death and another Oscar nominee, White Eye, from Israel, where a man finds his stolen bike and struggles to remain human.

“The buzz has been very special, we haven’t seen it before and long may it last”, shared with us  Chris Hastings, the founder of SEIFF. 

Among great films, you can enjoy sitting on a Game of Thrones Throne, letting  Johnny5 Replica chase you around The Flying Sauce Cafe. 

Please check the schedule below; there are a lot of Oscar-nominated films on Saturday and Sunday to be seen.

Find out more about the tickets here:

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