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Strengthening Epsom’s Seniors


Epsom Strength and Balance is celebrating five years of helping seniors in the local community stay stronger and keep upright longer.  Karen Willson changed career to one in the fitness industry after medically retiring from working at City Hall. She trained thanks to Instructability, which trains disabled people and helped her get a job at a local leisure centre in 2014. Enjoying helping people improve their health, she later trained as a personal trainer and Otago instructor. This allowed her to start Epsom Strength and Balance [ESB] in September 2017. Gradually classes increased in size and more classes were required. Now, after the pandemic, she is rebuilding her business and reconnecting with people in our community.  She just loves to see people ‘stay strong and keep upright longer’.

Karen Willson of Epsom's Strength and Balance
Karen Willson

The ESB community has improved their strength and balance by doing activities in fun weekly group classes. This has improved their posture and mobility, which reduces their risk of tripping and falling.  They learn how to safely get up off the floor and how to recover their balance so they do not fall. This allows us to safely do the things we enjoy. 

We are all getting older each day and we can improve our quality of life during our later life. These weekly classes have helped reduce the severity and number of trips into hospital following a fall. ESB classes are now delivered at home via zoom and as group classes in Ashtead and Epsom.

 Is it time you reduced your risk of falling by improving your posture and mobility?

Some people prefer to move to music. Sit and Stay Fit is a class of gentle movement to music from the 60s and 70s and this can be done sitting down. You’ll be surprised how beneficial it is for the whole body.

Join Karen:

Ashtead St George’s Christian Centre Mondays at 1:45 or

Epsom Methodist Church Wednesdays at 11:30 & 13:30.

Email  or call Karen on (07771 647132)

Sit and Stay Fit Tuesdays at Epsom Methodist Church 14:00 

email or call Karen on (07771 647132


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