Surrey PCC candidates: Kate Chinn – Labour Party


The Conservatives have lost control of crime in Epsom and Ewell’, says Kate Chinn, Labour’s candidate for Surrey’s police and crime commissioner.

‘Under the present Conservative commissioner, the record in Surrey is one of utter failure’, added Cllr Chinn, Labour leader on Epsom and Ewell Council.

‘Conservative cuts are central to a dismal record brought on by the austerity years of the Liberal Democrat coalition government.’

‘Fourteen years of failure, not only reduced the number of police and community support officers on our streets, but saw the closure of Epsom police station and most others across Surrey.’

Surrey Labour has long argued that every town centre has a disused shop that could be re-purposed as a police office, becoming a focal point for reporting crime and as a visible deterrent. Crime can be reported and properly investigated solving more crimes.

‘It is not surprising that burglaries and shoplifting have risen to unprecedented levels. The Conservative PCC seems incapable or unwilling to address the real concerns of local people. The LibDems offer more of the same.’

Through different roles as a psychiatric nurse, working in the homelessness sector and social care, and as a councillor, everyday I see the consequences of these cuts to police and local government budgets.

‘Working with often vulnerable people I understand the damaging impact that crime has on our communities. Surrey has been my home for over 30 years and my family, friends and most local people say they have never known it this bad’.

I can make a real difference as a Labour PCC working with the next Labour government.

It is time for a change in Surrey. I represent a fresh start with new and innovative ideas, replacing this failed right-wing Conservative policing agenda in Surrey.

Kate Chinn

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