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Surrey’s support for using electric vehicles


In Surrey, almost half of our emissions come from transport, and about half of that is from private vehicles. So, reducing the emissions from the way we travel about, whether that’s by walking or cycling more, using public transport or switching to an electric car, can help to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles (EVs) produce no exhaust emissions, so are much cleaner than petrol or diesel cars. Approximately 40% of households in Surrey do not have access to a driveway at home, so innovative solutions are needed to encourage more people to switch to EVs.

Launch of domestic kerbside charging trials

On Thursday 15 June, Clean Air Day, we launched a trial of two domestic kerbside electric vehicle charging solutions for Surrey residents who do not have access to off-street parking. The trial, one of the first in the UK, will allow residents to choose from two options, either cable gullies or a Trojan AON charger. Both connect to the residents’ domestic energy supply, to allow home charging for EVs without the need for a driveway.

Both options are being introduced as part of a trial, with limited numbers of each available. We will use the trial to assess effectiveness and popularity, combined with feedback from residents who participate.

The two products being trialled are cable gullies and Trojan AON chargers. Cable gullies are channels installed in the pavement that can be used to safely trail an EV charging cable, whereas Trojan AON chargers are installed on the pavement near the kerb with a cable laid underneath the pavement connecting it directly to a property’s own electrical supply.

How can I take part?

Site selection for the cable gullies will take place in two stages. An initial survey will need to be completed to register interest and share location details. If the site is suitable, the electric vehicle team at Surrey County Council will contact applicants for a more detailed assessment. Site selection for the AON chargers will be determined by Trojan Energy. To read more information and apply, please visit the Electric vehicles and on street charge points web page.

What if I can’t take part in either trial?

These pilots are part of a suite of EV charging solutions that we are working on deploying across Surrey. We have recently appointed Connected Kerb to install thousands of public EV chargepoints over the next five years across the county that may provide a suitable alternative to you in the meantime. Read the press release about our contract with Connected Kerb to find out more about on-street chargepoint installations.

For more information visit the electric vehicles and on street chargepoint roll out web page.

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