ULEZ will come to Epsom and Ewell borders

Map of proposed ULEZ area around Epsom
London has an air quality problem. That’s why the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding across all London boroughs from 29 August 2023 to help clear London’s air.

Poor air quality is not just a central London problem. In fact, the greatest number of deaths related to air pollution occur in outer London areas. 

The ULEZ has already made a significant difference, helping to reduce harmful nitrogen dioxide pollution by nearly half in central London. But we need to act now to help give the five million Londoners in outer boroughs clearer air to breathe too. 

Cars, motorcycles, vans and other specialist vehicles (up to and including 3.5 tonnes) and minibuses (up to and including 5 tonnes) will need to meet the ULEZ emissions standards or pay a daily charge of £12.50 when driving within the zone, including the expanded area from 29 August. 

More than four out of five vehicles already meet the standards. But, if you drive a petrol vehicle over 16 years old or a diesel vehicle over 6 years old, you need to check in case you’re affected. Use our simple online vehicle checker.  

Check your vehicle now To support Londoners through the expansion, the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme is providing financial assistance for those on certain low income or disability benefits. There is also help for London based sole traders, businesses with up to 10 employees and registered charities. The scheme opens on 30 January 2023. For more information on the scrappage scheme and other support, visit our website.

The ULEZ will continue to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year except Christmas Day (25 December).  

Any money received from the scheme is reinvested into running and improving London’s transport network, such as expanding bus routes in outer London. ULEZ map Visit the interactive map to see if a postcode, location or landmark is in the expanded area.  Check your postcode If you drive within the Congestion Charge zone in central London, you will also need to pay the daily Congestion Charge unless your vehicle has an exemption or is registered for a 100% discount. The Congestion Charge zone won’t be expanding.

Transport for London 19.01.2023

Chris Grayling MP

Chris Grayling MP for Epsom and Ewell has written to constituents to say:

“I am strongly opposed to the change at this time because of its impact on our area, on pensioners and people on low incomes with older cars and most significantly those seeking treatment at St Helier or the Marsden. I have asked him to reconsider this aspect of the scheme in particular……….

… the plan does not include extending the zone right to the London boundary everywhere. For us the outline ULEZ map says it will not cover the route from Epsom to the M25 via Malden Rushett or from Ewell to Tolworth and the A3 going southwards. There has been some confusion over the status of Rushett Lane and I am checking that with TfL. It will also not include the north end of Stoneleigh and parts of Worcester Park.

…. The target date for the launch is August 29th, though that may slip as some councils are refusing to work with the Mayor to install the cameras that will be needed to make it operational.”

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