Guildford Law Courts

Unprovoked attack on man and his dog in Epsom


On 5th September 40 year old Scott Smith of Tonstall Road, Epsom assaulted another Epsom man in an “unprovoked attack”. After the assault, during which the victim fought back in self-defence and Smith “came off worse”, Smith kicked the victim’s “innocent” small dog with such force that he rendered the pet unconscious.

The incident took place outside and within a local supermarket and the episode was recorded on the shop’s CCTV camera. This led to the prompt arrest of Smith who was brought in custody before the Surrey Magistrates sitting in Guildford on Saturday 9th September.

Smith pleaded guilty to an offence of common assault and an offence of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The presiding magistrate stated the offences were so serious the decision on sentence would be reached on another day when all “sentencing options” would be considered.

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