The really BIG one: Horton Farm

Horton Farm

This is the fifth of nine reports on the BIG PLANS for Epsom and Ewell proposed in the DRAFT LOCAL PLAN that is out for public consultation till 19th March. We do not intend to state any support or opposition but may ask some questions.

This near 100 acre site is a farm, a riding school and “open space” and the plan is to build 1500 + “zero carbon” dwellings on the site.

  • A target of 5% of homes to be provided through the provision of serviced plots of land for self-build and/or custom-build homes
  • A minimum of 10 serviced gypsy and traveller pitches
  • Public open space
  • Green corridor / habitat enhancements

And the reasons given for the plan include:

The site will contribute towards meeting the need for housing in the borough, including making a significant contribution towards the delivery of affordable housing and in meeting the needs of the boroughs Gypsy and Traveller population to create a new community.

The site has well defined boundaries and lies adjacent to existing residential areas, creating a suitable context for residential development and lowering the risk of adverse landscape impacts. The site is also located close to local services and facilities and to bus and rail transport connections. Vehicular access can be achieved without detriment to the character of the local area.

[Epsom and Ewell Times notes that it is also adjacent to the 5 acre Horton Cemetery where 9000 bodies are buried. See www.hortoncemetery.org for details.]

When will the site be developed?

The site is expected to be developed from 2028/29.

The planners note a number of issues:

  • The majority of the site is bordered by existing residential areas. New access points should maximise the opportunities for improved connectivity and linkages in and around the area, in particular for walking and cycling.
  • Development should not adversely affect any protected trees within and on the boundaries of the site.
  • The design of development would need to minimise impacts on the Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI) located to the north-west of the site.
  • Any development proposal will need to incorporate mitigation relating to surface water flooding for those parts of the site that are susceptible.
  • Development should work with the topography of the site to ensure that visual impacts of development are minimised.
  • Horton Farm House is a listed building in the south-east of the site. Therefore, sympathetic design is required.

 The development of the site will require: New highways access to the West and East and Improved pedestrian and cycle infrastructure.

Epsom and Ewell Times can report Horton Farm is owned by The Church Commissioners and is leased to a farmer who has farmed the area for many years. The Council state that a developer has an option on the land.

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