Gina Miller

Was this why she was in Epsom Saturday?


Epsom and Ewell Times did not know Gina Miller, who visited The Market Square Saturday*, was going to announce yesterday her intention to stand against Chris Grayling MP at the next election. So, not a bad start for her campaign. She is standing for a party she launched earlier in the year named the “True and Fair” Party. This new political group states it is not about left and right but about right and wrong.

*See post: National Polio Day marked in Epsom

Quoting from its website Gina Miller states: “True & Fair is the only political party prepared to bring in radical reforms to fix the systemic failures in the UK’s machinery of government, to legislate for electoral reform, Parliamentary checks and scrutiny, improve anti-corruption laws across politics and public life, and focus policy-making on fairness, and right and wrong, not right and left. A real-world plan for the future through new politics, new thinking, new partnerships.”

The party has announced a grand total of 9 prospective candidates to fight seats at the next General Election. An election that must be held by January 2025 at the latest.

Gina Miller became a household name, revered and detested in equal proportions, for her spearheading a successful legal challenge against a tactic of the UK Government (the prorogation of Parliament) to get Brexit done.

Chris Grayling MP enjoys a majority over all other candidates of 4197 at the 2019 election from a total of 59,451 votes cast. The Liberal Democrats came second with 13,946 votes and Labour third with 10,266. The Greens got 2047 votes and the Borough’s current Mayor, Cllr Clive Woodbridge (Residents Association) stood as an independent and received 1413 votes. Chris Grayling’s traditional opponents may be dismayed if Gina Miller’s intervention has the effect of increasing his first place lead.


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