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The Epsom and Ewell Times does not endorse Ian Strutt’s “Letter to the Editor” below. Its subject, Eber Kington, declined to comment in response. We have covered the Wells community centre story before and the links are at the foot of the page. We encourage our readership to share their views on local issues in these pages. We will not publish gratuitous personal attacks. Mr Strutt’s letter responds to a proposed personal recognition of a long-serving local councillor and thus falls within consideration of a Council proposal.

Letter to the editor,
How can Councillor Eber Kington deserve an award from Epsom council when he wasted an estimated several hundred thousand pounds shutting down the Wells Social Centre, then putting forward a failed design for a block of flats on the site?
This highly impractical design was turned down 10 : 2 by the council’s own planning committee.
Kington robbed Epsom residents of their very long-running centre vital to their social life and used by workers needing economic desk space to carry out their businesses.
Kington also caused a mass demonstration by Wells residents, but told protesters in the council chamber that his plan “would go ahead.”
No council can afford the vast amount of money wasted by Kington.
Thankfully, the centre is re-opening in December despite Kington and his council cronies. So, my thanks are due to the Epsom and Ewell planning councillors who DID display their social consciences.

Ian Strutt

The Wells Estate, Epsom

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