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Epsom’s University for the Creative Arts (UCA) offers advice to degree seeking ‘A’ Level students. “With over two million jobs in the Creative Industries across the UK, choosing a degree in a creative subject is no longer just about following your passion – it’s a sound career choice” says Julian Henry, UCA’s Head of Student Recruitment.

“If you’re looking at courses in Clearing, choosing a creative degree, can help you develop the skills that employers of the future are looking for – innovation, problem-solving and collaboration. You might also be surprised by the types of creative courses on offer, such digital art, games design or even business degrees focused on creative thinking.”

For students thinking beyond a traditional degree and looking for a course that will let their imagination run free, the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in Epsom offers its top tips for Clearing.

  1. Don’t panic – just breathe! Take the time to think about what you want from your course and what you want to get from your university experience.
  2. Focus on your strengths. Think about what you’re passionate aboutand the skills you have that are often undervalued in traditional subjects, like imagination, curiosity and open-mindedness.  
  3. Keep an open mind and think outside the box. Want to pursue a creative career – then think creatively about what you study – you might be surprised by the range of creative courses on offer.
  4. It’s not all about grades. It’s fine to change your mind about your what you want to study but do think about whether your qualifications and personal statement are still relevant. At UCA we consider more than just grades – we want to know about your creative potential.
  5. Check out your options. Don’t wait until Clearing Day to start looking at universities and courses, ask questions online or sign-up to online events to find out more.
  6. Think about what you need. Universities come in all shapes and sizes. At UCA we are focused on creating a personal, supportive and close-knitted communities.
  7. Contact someone and ask questions. If you’re curious about a course, contact the university and ask questions. There’s no commitment and you might just learn something from the way they respond.

“When you choose to study a creative degree, you’ll be stepping into more than a games design studio, film set or architecture workshop – you’ll be stepping into a lifetime of learning, creating, and opportunities.”

Alex Rahneva - recent UCA graduate

A recent graduate from UCA Alex Rahneva enthuses.

“UCA gave me the opportunity to become more independent through self-work and be able to adapt to different circumstances. I think the key skill I’ve learnt for my future is the resilience to create independent work.
And the advice I would give to students would be, believe in your work and trust your talent. It might be very daunting to put yourself out there but at the end of the day, making connections is all about showcasing your work, your skills, and your creative ability to innovate. Industry experts recognise and value this above all else!

I’ve had plenty of opportunities at UCA to meet and network with people from the creative industries, including amazing networking opportunities with industry experts at Graduate Fashion Week. As well as opportunities to meet and network with companies like Meta/Facebook and USP (Unique Style Platform), having won awards sponsored by them at UCA’s Business School for the Creative Industries Industry Awards 2022. Both experiences have been eye-opening and gave me experience and guidance on how to make my way into the fast-paced and global creative industry.”

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